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Whats retro? It's a good question, the term retro is thrown about willy nilly these days as its popularity grows but for me its a subjective term. I may say the super nintendo is a retro console but if you ask my 15 year old nephew its vintage. While be both would agree that its a classic console!

I think its fair to define a console as retro once its been surpassed by two console generations but that wont please everyone either. With the release of the nintendo switch (At the time of writing) that makes the gamecube now retro although many was saying this way before the switch came along.

Classic computers and consoles are easier to define although still subjective. Playing on my Nintendo 64 with goldeneye back in the day was where it was at and therefore Goldeneye and by the same token the N64 are classic. Anyway however you define a retro game / computer or console one thing is for certain and everyone will agree on. There is live in these older systems and the games and joy they offer is timeless.

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Retro consoles!
So what is a retro game? or a classic game for that matter!
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