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Video Game market was built on retro games.

Being a retro game collector myself I spend a fair amount of time buying and sometimes selling games. As time went on and my collection grew from the initial collecting of super nintendo snes games, it gradually grew and expanded. As a collection grows there comes a time when you realise you have ended up with multiple copies of some of the more common games especially when you have to purchase a bundle in order to pick up a single game you want.

Naturally you want to sell retro games on if they are surplus to your collection requirements. Initially I would sell them on eBay but I started to realise that they take huge fees especially when you just want to sell on your spare retro games in order to pick up another rare or less common item with the money you get back from selling. This is where Video Game Market was born. Being a developer I decided to start work on writing a place where I could sell my spare retro games without any fees so that 100% of the price could go towards my next purchase.

And that as they say is that, here you will find retro games for sale and here is where you can sell your spare retro games, classic computers and recent games and consoles. Its a market place for gamers and collectors to buy sell and trade their games freely.

View retro games for sale below or use the navigation to see all the games, computers and consoles available from fellow players and collectors.

So what is a retro game? or a classic game for that matter!
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