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Video Game Market was inspired by my own collection, as time went on and my personal collection grew I ended up with duplicates or spares for retro consoles that sometimes I didn't even own. Naturally they build up and eventually I would list then on eBay or other sites to trim them down.

After some years of doing this and still building up my collection it dawned on me that eBay is actually expensive to sell items on and I thought about the cost involved in getting rid of unwanted items that I only wanted to trade or move on so that I could have space and money to purchase other items that I did want in my collection.

And so idea Video Game Market was born, I wanted a place where I could sell unwanted games and consoles without the fees taking a big chunk of what could be spent on building up more of my collection.

That's what made me start thinking about a video game marketplace, the final straw that started me building the site was "reproduction" items. I am a collector who like to also play my retro games but I don't want reproduction items in my collection. Everywhere I was looking these reproduction items was popping up and I kept thinking I don't want to browse items that I have no interest in.

So Video Game Market was born and I started working on this site. A community driven 100% free for personal sellers market place where you can sell your spare items directly to other players and collectors with a focus on real items and no reproduction games.

Join our free marketplace and lets make video game market a goto place for players and collectors to buy, sell and build their collections.

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List, sell get paid and send. Its that simple to sell games on video game market.
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