Amiga CD32 Games for sale

Released in 1993 this was the console version of the Amiga system. At the time there was a large folowing for the Commodore Amiga but the CD32 wasnt to have the same fate. With competing consoles from Phillips and Sega and the market moving towards the PC and other consoles sadly commodore went into bankruptcy less than a year later.

While there is nothing here that cannot be found for the commodore amiga (Correct me if I am wrong on this) the CD32 was a simple CD based console that was for the gamer and there was many games available.

Classics such as Fire & Ice, Elite 2 and Beneath A Steel Sky are a couple to mention here but ultimately there are way more available. If your an Amiga fan then this is certainly worth your attention as you get the Amiga Games with a plug in and play experience.

Games and Consoles for sale

Video Game Market provides a market place for users to buy and sell their Amiga CD32 Games and consoles directly to each other. Commodore Amiga items in general are highly collectable and some games can fetch a hefty price.

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